We carefully pack your orders so that your sushi reaches you in the best possible condition and remains fresh.

Plus, with each order we add a sauce pan with soy sauce and chopsticks of your choice: educational or regular.



You can order sushi with delivery and enjoy it right at your home. Surprise friends who came to visit you or have a romantic evening with your significant other. A combination of cooked rice and raw fish, delivered to the address of your choice, can also become a decoration of a family celebration or a business lunch.

Very tasty sushi with delivery

Making an order in a restaurant is very simple. First, choose the sushi you like, then enter your data, choose the method of payment for the order: cash or card, and then choose the option of delivery or pick-up.

If you want to inform the courier of additional information, then leave a comment and wait for the doorbell.

Clients reviews


It's not the first time, I'm not afraid of this word, we've been ordering sushi here for a year. Always satisfied with both quality and delivery. However, I want to thank you separately for today! Ordered delivery for the day for my daughter's birthday. The courier arrived on time, without unnecessary questions and complaints


We repeatedly order sushi here, the manager quickly processes the order, I pay immediately upon receipt. Excellent service, comfortable, convenient, not expensive and tasty. The prices are pleasant, not as high as those of competitors. That's why I order only here. I also want to thank the courier who quickly and promptly delivers sushi to my home. I recommend it to everyone.


I learned about them recently, but after that I will not order from anyone again!) Always cool promotions on new products) And the most important thing is the wonderful appearance of the rolls


Useful, light, nutritious and extremely tasty, they have long been a vivid symbol of culture and healthy eating.

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